Normally, I try to ignore the Larry vs. Elounor drama. But this really infuriated me.

What about them is a lost cause exactly, Louis? Is it because they think your gay for your bandmate? Is that it? 

How can you even talk to someone like that? They’re your fans. You can’t even call them fake fans or lost causes. They buy your albums, and shit with your faces on them, and run tumblrs and twitters about you. But yet they’re lost causes and fake fans because they believe you’re in a relationship with another male?

You know nothing about Larry shippers, obviously, because they’re the most creative in this entire fanbase. Their writing is phenomenal, and their edits are flawless. Their arguments can be very convincing, and the ones I’ve talked to are the nicest people I have ever met. But nope, clearly none of that should matter because they think you’re in a relationship with Harry.

I’m sick of this. I joined this fandom to support you and your band for the music. not whatever relationship you’re in, whether it be with Eleanor or Harry, because I’m gonna be real, I don’t really give a rat’s ass.

I follow a girl on twitter, and she is in love with you, and one of the most supporting and loving fans you can ever have. She’s always tweeting you, telling you how much she loves you. But you can’t see her loving tweets. Why? Because she’s a Larry shipper, and you looked passed all of her loving tweets towards you and saw the ones about Larry, so what did you do? You blocked her.

Why can’t you just ignore it? Liam and Niall confirmed their ship, even when Liam was dating Danielle, and she was accused of being a cover up. And Harry fucking ignores the rumors, and he’s part of the ship, so why is it so difficult for you to do the same? The girl you indirectly tweeted, and all the other people you have tweeted yelling at them about Larry, have received death threats because of that. I hope you feel fucking proud of yourself for letting fans turn on each other. 

I’ve been trying to defend you for your actions to people who’ve been calling you an asshole and a dick, Louis, but it keeps getting harder and harder. You can hate Larry all you want, but doing this, saying this about the fans who support you through everything, is not called for, no matter if they ship Larry or not.

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